Polygraph Tests Johannesburg

Welcome to Polygraph Tests Johannesburg your local lie detector testing, accurate polygraph, data gathering and deceptive solutions that will ensure you get to the facts and truth!

Facts & Truth Polygraph  Johannesburg
Facts & Truth Polygraph  Johannesburg

At Polygraph Tests Johannesburg we have been providing polygraph and lie detector test services for over 30 years, we always update our tolls and equipments and ensure they are well maintained in order for guarantee accurate results.

Looking for polygraph testing services?

Suspect someone of stealing your goods?

At Polygraph Tests Johannesburg we will get you setup with up with the questions you need to ask your subjects and when the process is complete you will have a good idea from just watching the graphs in real time who is being deceptive.

Find out who stole your things, call the professional polygraph examiners today!

Complete Polygraph Tests Johannesburg
Complete Polygraph Tests Johannesburg

At Polygraph Tests Johannesburg our we will help you get all your suspected subjects to do the tests, if anyone does not want to do it than you will already know, otherwise we will give you the results you need to make an informed decision.

We specialize in the following types of Polygraph services:

  • Theft Scenarios
  • Fraud Cases
  • Rape Cases
  • Court Cases
  • Infidelity Cases
  • Relationships
  • Business Employment Testing.

At Polygraph Tests Johannesburg our lie detector and polygraph experts will provide you with custom interview questions based on your unique situation. Get in touch with us for affordable polygraph tests today!